Friday, August 28, 2015

Grandparents' Day is on the Way!

This is always such a special time because Grandparents play a special role in their Grandchildren's lives.  Yes, there are some kiddos who do not have Grandparents so make them feel special by having them think about someone in their life other than their parents who are important to them.

You can celebrate Grandparents day very simply or you can make a "party" of it and invite Grandparents in for donuts, lunch, or tea.  Whatever you decide to do plan SOMETHING because it is a unique time to bring together the past and the present.  I have put together some great items for you to make your planning easy!

First here are my 4 ALL TIME favorite stories for reading to the class.  They are perfect for story recall, for making predictions, and for connecting the characters in the story to their own life.
What do you predict is best about Grandpa or Grandma?
How do you think they will babysit their grandparents?
Let's list all the things we can remember from the story.
For the self to story try this list for the kiddos to do.
Use these vocabulary cards to promote reading, writing, and word work.
Put them in ABC order or have them out when the kiddos are preparing their lists.
Lists are great for this kiddos not as proficient at writing because one word will do.
Encourage your more proficient writers to prepare more!
I just love how colorful they are and the pictures promote connections to the words.  They fit perfect in a chart or just on a table for manipulating.

What do your Grandparents like to do?
What might you celebrate with your Grandparents?

In my classroom we invited the Grandparents to lunch.  Depending on your district, socio economic restrictions, schedules this may not work.  We ate in the classroom.  I ALWAYS had it the Monday following Grandparents' Day because families are often together for the event.  You could do something as simple as donuts in the morning or cookies in the afternoon.
The Grandparents love looking around the room and we always talk about "What did you NOT have in your classrooms?"  Computers, phones, markers, etc.  It is an eyeopener for the children.
Then my favorite is I ask 2 great questions and give prizes.  "Who has traveled the farthest to join us?"  I give a $5 gas card and "Who has the most grandchildren?"  I give a picture frame.  What fun it is!  You might also ask "Who is the most mature?" Ha how old are you????

Another favorite is singing the song "I think you're wonderful" from Finding Peace by Red Grammar.
Here is the link:
If you haven't played it for your class you must.  It is something we need to play and sing over and over!!  Each time I play it I wish our classrooms and educators could remember this each day!

After the song we always hand the grandparents Hugs and Kisses in a baggie!I cut these out and attach them with a ribbon.  So cute, so simple, so touching.
As parents to donate the candy, baggies, and ribbons.
While the grandparents are with us what fun it is to complete these interviews.

Now that is the more involved version but for the simple:
Whatever you decide you won't be disappointed you took the time to celebrate.

Thank you for following along with me today!

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