Saturday, August 29, 2015

Super Reader Certificates and Notes

Hi, its AMC from Elementary AMC  and I am so happy to be joining this fabulous team of 1st grade teachers and bloggers!!! I have been teaching for 16 years in Grades 1-4 and am currently calling Grade 1 home : )

When I was teaching students in Grades 3 and 4 I would love to send them home with door hangers and notes for the door that let their families now that they were reading and not to be disturbed. It was a fun way to send home the message that reading at home was an important routine and put the students in charge of their reading time.

Now that I am in Grade 1 I still want my students to be engaged in meaningful reading activities at home but most of my students need an adults support during this time. So instead of a sign asking for quiet time I made these little invitations for students to give to an adult (or older sibling) at home to ask for some help reading or an audience for their reading.

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