Sunday, July 12, 2015

Samples from Mrs. Kadeen

Hey all, I'm Kadeen from Mrs. Kadeen Teaches. I am so excited to be collaborating with such a wonderful group of teachers on the blog. I currently teach first grade and love every minute of it. I am always looking for exciting ways to introduce and teach a concept. Outside of the classroom life, my hobbies include planting, eating, juicing, cooking,  playing tennis and hanging out with family and friends.

Here is a watermelon from my garden. Its so rewarding to eat the fruits of your labor.It wasn't all the way ripe when I cut it. I think I was overly excited and picked it too early.

Any Whoo....I am totally excited to tell you all about this tool I have been using in my classroom and how the "Text Evidence Saga" began. It's quite a long story so I will spare you.
I first started looking for material that taught students text evidence when I realized that my students did not  have great strategies for finding the evidence to support their answers or responses on tests. When I asked "How did you get that answer?" the response was pretty much "I don't know." That was pretty frustrating. I started looking for tools and thinking of ways I could introduce "Prove It!" to my students. I found a lot of great things but nothing that quite fit the bill. The problem I was running into was that the type of text I found were too hard for my students and for the level they were at currently. In addition, the passages I found were too long and I found none that introduced Explicit and Inferential text evidence separately. Long story short, I had to make my own. I will tell you, this tool has been so instrumental in helping my students get in the habit of looking back and proving their answers. Now before they turn any work in to me, they have started to underline, color or circle their direct evidence or clues from the text all on their own . I think they anticipate me asking so they just do it anyway. lol
These passages are especially for teachers just introducing the idea for the first time. In my packets I have included both inferential and explicit text evidence so students get to practice both.

I have uploaded a FREE SAMPLE for you to try. Just click the link below to get it. There are several sets of text evidence for beginners in my store. The "Reading Comprehension and Text Evidence for Beginners" includes student writing in addition to color coding them in the text. These tools will be super instrumental to you as you teach this important topic. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to leave feedback on your download.


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