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Giveaway from Mrs. Grooms' Room

Hey y’all! I am Shana Grooms from Mrs. Grooms' Room, and I have been a first grade teacher for 15 years.   It is the hardest job I have ever had and I LOVE it!  Every year is a challenge and every year I grow as a teacher and as a person.  

I am always working towards perfection...okay okay okay...maybe not perfection but I want to be good! 

I have been married for two years to the love of my life.  I swear he and I are cut from the same cloth.  We live in South Carolina and we have a sweet kitty cat named Ningy and a crazy Daisy.  She is a mix of pit bull, crazy, and sweetness and we love her silly!!   

Me and My Sweet Hubs! 

Our front yard on a hot, rainy, summer day...
 Even though I was born in Kentucky, and raised in Ohio, I have lived most of my life in South Carolina.  I LOVE South Carolina! It is absolutely where I am supposed to be.  

I love gardening, swimming, school supplies, minions, fall...the season, Diet Mountain Dew, my sweet kitty, Ruby, who is in Heaven now, anything pumpkin, and my precious husband, Jim.   I also love Netflixing…oh my word… thank goodness for Netflix.  (Do you Netflix?  What are your favorite shows?)  

I am a bit of a science nerd…my favorite animals are bats, worms, and penguins.  I love TED Talk episodes and documentaries.  I watch horror/murder/forensic shows or channels like ID and stand-up comedy.  Maybe I was profiler in a past life????  Hmmm...but I also love anything hacky, and homesteady, and I even secretly wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was little.  

If I could describe myself in three words... funny, loyal, and determined are the words I would use.  I love to tell super cheesy jokes that my students laugh at…they are my best audience!!! 

(I joined TPT two years ago and I have LOVED it from day one.  I didn't know anything but PowerPoint when I first started and I happy to say I am still learning even today.)

I am so excited to show you my latest product!!!

  I use Big Mouth with my students every year to help them remember how to use their greater than signs. If Big Mouth eats the biggest number, then the other number is the smaller number, or the number that is less than. We make a Big Mouth, and then we use it with base ten blocks and crackers.  It’s a fun way to learn this concept!  I hope you find it helpful with your students, too.

Inside you will find:

1. Anchor charts or posters:  use with your students as a visual aid.  Color and black and white versions are available.
2. Feed Big Mouth:  A game used to practice finding the number that is bigger or smaller. 
3. Printables:  Ten printables that your students can use to practice finding the number that is greater or less than the other number.
4. Vocabulary Cards:  Each made with different graphics.  Color and black and white printer friendly versions is included.
5. Eating Numbers Around the World:  Take Big Mouth around the Room to find those bigger numbers.  These task cards can also be used in an independent center.
6. Make your own Big Mouth!:  Use these cute graphics to practice eating those BIG numbers.  Print, laminate, and cut!!  Big Mouth can eat numbers, cubes, goldfish crackers…you name it!  

This guy is hungry for the bigger number!  
(Nom, nom, nom!!!)

                      Want to win a copy of Big Mouth???

        If you are interested in Big Mouth, you can just click onto the photos above to see him in my store.  

You also have a chance to win Big Mouth and a $10.00 credit at my store.   Just enter below!!!  :)


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Happy Learning!!!!  

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