Thursday, July 16, 2015

Classroom Set-Up!

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My tip today is all about 
Positively Learning Classroom Setup

I spent a LONG time deciding on my classroom set-up and even now, 
a few school years later, I'm SO thankful I did!

My main priority was making my teaching space feel welcoming to students and families, including having all materials accessible. I want my firsties to feel confident and grow in independence!

I also had to keep in mind some other key details:

Positively Learning Classroom Set-Up

I teach Special Education in a OLD city school building. There's already enough chaos in the environment and I definitely don't want to bring anymore! 

I chose these clear bins with lids (3 sizes) from Ikea. They are stored on plastic shelving I found at major hardware supply stores, like The Home Depot. The clear look provides a neutral background to match any classroom decor!

It's tough to see...this picture is from last school year. 
I'll be sure to update when I go back to school (in two weeks!).

Another big factor in choosing these supplies was that they are considered "staple" items. I've been using these bins for several years and have been able to go back and pick up additional supplies when needed.

My Budget :) My budget is in the negative...we are already spending so much on basic supplies, yet I know if my classroom was "working" for both my students and I, then we can spend more time on learning. The bins from Ikea were the most cost-effective and I priced them ALL (or at least it sure felt like I did!). 

I ♥ looking at other teachers' classrooms! 
If you would like to see more of mine...please hop over to my blog for more! 

Thanks for reading! Jen

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