Sunday, May 24, 2015

Try Out Some Digraph Fluency Passages!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Alisha from Missing Tooth Grins here. I'm sure some of you are wrapping up the school year and are ready to enjoy that summer fun! At least, I know I am! My last day of school was actually really early this year- May 14th to be exact- which I know is much, much earlier than some of you. I already completed my first week of summer school this past week and now only have three weeks left. How crazy is that?

Anyway, when school ended I was finally able to finish up a project that I had started for reading with my kids. Don't worry, I used them in class, but I hadn't had the time to upload it to TPT with all the end of year craziness.

I noticed a problem in my classroom that my kids reading on grade level were having. They were having trouble with their fluency. They're excellent readers, but they were You know what I mean? Something I wanted to reinforce with these particular readers was that they knew the sounds and the words, but needed to recognize them more within their reading- particularly their digraph sounds. So, therefore... My Consonant Digraph Fluency passages were born! I was really excited about these and my kids absolutely loved them! And, I'm giving you a chance to try them out too!

Here's a couple pictures of my little cuties working away on this passage that I'm giving you a sample of:

 Click the picture below to grab this sample (Lexile Level 360L) for free!!

If you enjoy this sample, you can check out the full product by clicking the picture below!


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