Friday, May 22, 2015

Preparing to Keep Brains Energized All Summer Long!

I want to start by wishing you ALL a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  You must stop by for this FREEBIE Click Here. It is designed to fill an entire day with a Memorial Day Theme...reading, writing, word work, eye opener, math, and more!!

Now on with the blog!!!!

It's here and for some of you gone...Yep you guessed it...THE  END OF THE YEAR!
I have three feelings about THE END OF THE YEAR...

1.  YIPPEE! Schools out for the summer!
2.  DREAD!! What can I do for my kiddos?
3.  FEAR!!!  I hope they won't forget all that they have learned.

Today I hope to take the DREAD and the FEAR out of the end of the year for you so all you feel is the YIPPEE!!
Read on and see what "freebies" there are to support you in "keeping your student's brains energized all summer long" and some free "farewells".

Here is the Summer Fun booklet I send home with my kiddos to keep them reading, writing, and working on math  all summer long.  I have included the cover for you along with a few pages as freebies.  You can add more of your own activities or purchase the complete packet on TPT. Think of practice pages and items that will help  "energize your students over the  summer".

Here are a few of the sample pages I included for you.

Next I place the booklet in a bucket filled with summer fun items I pick up at the Dollar Store or the Target Dollar Bin. 

This year I found some great "goodies"!!
The shovel is perfect for "I "DIG" all we learned this year.  Baggie with candy, tied on with a bow, and use the tag provided.  I also saw groups of less expensive ones in plastic in the "summer section".
The magnifying glass and the bug net, tied together with a bow, add the tag provided..."You were a great catch"!
The bucket is just a nice touch for ..."Fill your "bucket list" this summer!"
Because I have collected extra over the years my lucky kiddos will get this!!

Here is a craft idea.  1.  perfect for student's summer bucket activities  2.  perfect for student's academic bucket list for the summer  3.  perfect for teacher's bucket list for students to work on over the summer.
Take your pick. This would also be cute for a bulletin board or hanging somewhere for the end of the year.
This craft is in the free packet you could download above.

Finally another little idea for students or teammates.
I attached a gift certificate for ice cream on the back.  McDonald's is really good about giving freebies to teachers for end of the year and Wendy's does too.  They would be perfect for this!!

This is brand new but filled with some really enjoyable games and activities!!

 My countdown ...7 days left!!
Hope I have been of help in YOUR countdown.
Today I am cheering for THE END OF THE YEAR!


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