Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Interactive Reading & Math Journal Giveaway

I am so excited to be posting here at iTeachFirst!  A big thank you to Nicole who has worked so hard to set all of these great collaborative blogs up!      

First of all, I really want to know how other teachers manage Interactive Notebooks in their classrooms!  When do you have your students complete them (whole group or small group)?  Do you have them color during class?  How do you manage those kids who always seem to cut off the flaps?!  PLEASE leave a comment with all of your great ideas and tips!  Don't have a tip? Leave a question!  I LOVE reading the ideas of other teachers and helping other teachers!

I just added this brand new Reading Interactive packet to Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is a unit that can be used over several grade levels.  This is great for those who get moved from grade level to grade level each year... but it's also great for those of us who have a HUGE difference in levels in our current classroom.  This packet can be differentiated in so many ways.... pictures vs. words, words vs. sentences, sentences vs. paragraphs!
It's also great because you can choose to print on white paper and have the kids color OR print on colored paper.  Either way looks great.  These are printed on colored paper which look great and save time!

I also have this Interactive Math Journal Bundle which covers so many skill in the primary grades!  These are some of my time activities that are available.  There is also a bundle of ALL of my Interactive Math Activities!

I am going to offer up my Reading Interactive packet and my Time Interactive Notebook packet to 2 lucky winners!  Enter below!

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  1. I'm SO sad I missed this give away!! But I've wish listed those packs anyway! The reading one looks especially awesome, super versatile and ready to use, just what I need!!

  2. Oh no, the giveaway is over already! Sorry to have missed it.

  3. Your IN activities look great. I'll stop back later to see if the contest is open...certainly would love a chance to win them!