Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You are a WINNER...All About Me!

This is an attitude we try to encourage each and every day in our classrooms.  It has been proven over and over that confidence is built through successful experiences creating the attitude "I am a winner"!

There is no better way to encourage successful experiences then to discover what our kiddos like and what they feel their strengths are.  

Many educators use "interest inventories" to find out about the individuals in their class.  This packet is filled with these types of ideas you can use throughout the year.
A favorite is the "backpack" idea.  Perfect for the 1st of the year.  Students can fill their backpack with all their favorites.

I love this too.  Kiddos make an "all about me" cube.  With a partner they roll and share about themselves.  Great for "Speaking and Listening" with the Common Core Standards.

The packet also contains a variety of posters for students to "brag" about themselves.  These are wonderful for displaying on lockers or a bulletin board.
There is also a mini book in the packet for kiddos to fill in some of their favorites, their strengths, and other interesting "tidbits".
Writing skills can be enhanced by writing about themselves.  There are graphic organizers, pre writes, and final writes for different leveled writers.

The final activity is a craft where kiddos write about themselves and then they make a "student" to hang. Aren't they cute?

Our days get so busy with curriculum, testing, teaching...BUT we must take time to encourage self esteem.  This is needed before our kiddos can be successful at any of the above.  
At the beginning of the year.  At the middle of the year.  Throughout the year.  Include these activities!
Here is a 'bright idea'!  Have your class complete one of these activities and share them with their teacher for next year.  As the next year's teacher is preparing for their new class they will get a little "heads up" about some of their new students.

Now you can be a winner!!  

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I am cheering for each and every one of you to win!!
I will choose 5 winners.  

Now a minute for me to BRAG!!  My brand new puppy!  7 weeks



  1. I live in a rural mountain area in southern California. I teach 1st in a small public school. :-) Carol

  2. I teach third grade and I saw this on iTeach 1st.

  3. I love hearing about where everyone is from! Emily I am thrilled to see that you might be able to use this. Thanks for entering ladies!!

  4. I'm from Jacksonville, Florida but currently live in southern California. :)

  5. I forgot to add that I saw this on iTeach First. :D

  6. Hi! I teach first in a suburb of Kansas City, MO. I love this! Thanks so much...fingers crossed I will win! :)


  7. I'm from Grade 1 in NorCal! Cute Puppy! I saw this on iTeach1st.... Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  8. WOW! What an awesome resource! So cute and we love to learn about ourselves! I'm from AZ and I saw this on saw this on iTeach 1st :) How cute is the lil puppy!?

  9. Hello, I teach first grade in hot, sunny Florida. :-) I love these ideas, especially the backpack one for the beginning of the year, and the idea to share something with their new 2nd grade teacher.

  10. I am from Armenia and I saw this on iTeach 1st.

  11. I teach 1st and 2nd grade in Kansas.

  12. I teach 1st in Eastern North Carolina! Saw this on iTeach1st!