Sunday, November 1, 2015

Let's Talk Turkey!!

This time of the year is perfect for allowing our kiddos to CREATE and IMAGINE.
Two areas that promote thinking...outside the box!

Here are four of my favorite stories to read!
Each one is perfect for "talking turkey"!
One of my all time favorites is 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.
Here is a complete freebie for you to accompany this story.

 The other story I think is so enjoyable for the kiddos is Turkey Trouble.
What fun it is to create a board with all of the student's "turkey disguises"!
I have created a template for you to use. What could I be?  I suggest that you make a cardboard template for each student and then provide paper for them to create.  Some teachers send this home as a homework assignment.  You decide.  What a great way to have the kiddos use their imagination.
Click here for many examples.
10 Fat Turkeys gives many more ideas on what a disguise could be.

Students can also create a turkey with this simple pattern.  Perfect for a bulletin board or for hanging in your classroom.  The patterns are included in the packet below. (FREE)

I like to post this with the turkey craft.  What would a turkey be thankful for?
This poem is delightful and fun for the kiddos to read together.  It is followed by using this text to "talk" with the turkey.

The packet ends with...
If I were a turkey...
and what does a turkey think of would a turkey complete this activity?

I hope you will enjoy these activities.  They allow for creative thinking and the use of the imagination.  CREATE AND IMAGINE opportunities for your class to "think outside the box"!


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