Sunday, October 25, 2015

Where the Magic Happens is Here! And tons of FREEBIES!!

Hello everyone!! 

I am Laura from Where the Magic Happens Blog  and I am so so glad to be the new blogger in the I Teach First blog! This is a short (and silly) video I made on Friday after school....
I swear I was going brain dead
And people  kept on coming in the classroom
and I had to explain myself
and I had to start all over again a total of 4 times.
I hope you like the accent!!

My blog/TPT store is called Where the Magic Happens because my classroom is my happy place. I want my students and their families to remember our classroom as a place full of learning and joy.
Let me show you around!

Our writing process board and Mrs. Wilson's table. Yep... I am one of those lucky few who still has an assistant in the classroom. I love her to pieces, she is my dear, dear friend.

These are our dessert tubs, which hold reinforcement/enrichment activities for early finishers. You can grab them for free HERE!!

This is our goals board. I created it based on "The Reading Strategies Books" by Jennifer Serravallo. If you want to learn more about it, you can click HERE and you can get it for free HERE!!

Mrs. Wilson makes a tree for each month! I swear... I work with the best people.

These are our station bins and the accuracy strategies board. Do you see those READ posters from the first picture? They are free in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, go grab them HERE!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you guys soon!!

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