Friday, August 14, 2015

Reading Interest Surveys

Hi! Mona from First Grade Schoolhouse here. I would imagine that most of you are in the process of setting up your classrooms and preparing all your back to school activities. This is my first week back and students arrive on Monday. I’m still prepping some of next week’s activities, but I’m a-l-m-o-s-t ready. How about you?

I’m talking about reading interest surveys today. It’s a back to school activity that I find useful in getting to know my students. You can use them anytime during the school year. You might want to give one at the beginning of the year and then midway thru the year to see growth and changes in your students’ reading interests.

Do you know what kinds of books/topics interest your students? 

Jan Richardson & Maria Walther talk about the importance of knowing your student’s reading interests in the book, The Next Step in Guided Reading Assessment.

It helps teachers make read aloud book choices that will build students’ background knowledge, which is especially important for those with limited language experiences. Students' interests will grow with appropriate read aloud books.

You can use the common reading interests of your students during your guided reading groups. Use the student surveys to include books that interest the students. It increases their engagement.

You will be able to better guide students as they choose independent reading material. Some students have a difficult time deciding on a book from the classroom book center and school library. Knowing their interests will help you guide them.

As you choose books to include in your classroom library, you will want to include titles that meet your students’ interests. Having books available that interest your students will lead to students broadening their interests.

I created some quick and simple reading surveys that I could give whole class or in small groups. They can also be sent home as a homework activity to be completed with parents.

Click HERE for a free download. I hope you find them useful. Enjoy!

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