Saturday, May 30, 2015

End of Year Writing Craftivity

Hey Everyone!  I'm excited to be posting for the first time here on I Teach First!  Since it's my first time here, let me introduce myself.  I'm Alice from Look Who's in First Grade  I am married (28 years!) with two grown children.  My daughter, Abby, is 25 and a nurse.  My son, Justin, is 22 and a college student.  My husband and I have two dogs, an Australian cattle dog and a toy poodle.  

Red and Mr. Darcy

So I'd love to share something I've been doing with my first-graders for several years.  At the end of the year I have my students write to my future first graders telling them what to expect in first grade. We start by reflecting on everything we've done throughout the year.

Yikes! Don't mind my handwriting!  I'm envious of teachers who have  beautifully handwritten anchor charts.  When I'm making anchor charts, writing quickly so I don't lose my firsties' attention, my handwriting tends to get a bit messy. :)  

One of my students told me to write my name down because I was his favorite thing about first heart melted. 

Next, I send my students off to write about their favorite things about first grade.

Finally the fun part...adding a cute little peekover.

I will laminate these darling little pieces of art and use them to decorate the hallway for our Open House/Meet the Teacher night in August.  New first grade parents love reading what their children will be experiencing in first grade.  My former students love coming to visit and seeing their work hanging in the hallway. I love having a ready-made display for Meet the Teacher night!

If you're still in school and would like to try this cute little writing craftivity, check it out in my TpT store here.  I've added the writing paper as a flash freebie to my TpT store.  Check it out here

Thanks for stopping by!

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