Thursday, April 2, 2015

1stgradefireworks...Easter Egg HFW

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 is about
 High Frequency Words.
Easter Weekend, to be precise.
What first grade student doesn't LOVE to play with ...
EGGS! a basket...EASTER EGGS!
But, in our classroom...
Eggs are a Center. A Literacy Center.
I took the litle eggs,
 made a copy of the HFW page ( see FREEBIE at end of POST),
and put them in a cutesie basket!
The kids take an egg, open it, read the word, & write it on their whiteboard.
If you want them to write in their 
WORD WORK journal, they can!
I am into the least amount of paper...the better!
And then...we clean up and play again!

Here is a FREEBIE to make the HFW cards.
I didn't laminate them, just fold & go!
(click on picture).

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  1. What a fun word work activity. I'm definitely stocking up on plastic eggs this year!