Sunday, April 19, 2015

Riddles for Math

Hi, Teaching Friends!

This is my first post on iTeachFirst - I'm glad to be here, and so happy that you stopped by today! I'm a retired teacher from NJ who (as expected!) found it just too hard to simply walk away from teaching! After 26 years of teaching (first grade, Reading Recovery, Basic Skills K-8), I'm now having a great time creating new classroom resources, blogging, and staying in touch with the world of primary classrooms that I love! It's a delight and a privilege to be able help teachers and their students around the world!

After all those years teaching I can say for sure, and I think you'll agree - nobody in any other job gets to laugh as much as first grade teachers do in a day at work!  A good part of that, of course, is the fact that our little guys are so cute, sincere, lovable, literal, and more. But I think a lot of the laughter comes from the fact that firsties are always ready for a good time. No matter what you're doing, if you call it a game, to them it becomes a game!

I think that's one of the reasons that I got started creating riddle sets. Riddles are fun!  Of course, they're also great for teaching inference, using key details, solidifying concepts and vocabulary... but to our kiddos, they're Fun with a Capital F!

Teaching our students to sort through clues, to come up with possible answers, discard those that don't fit, and continue the process of integrating the new information at each step ... all of this is higher order thinking for them! But since they see it as a game, they beg to do more. "Well ......, if you really want to, sure we can do some more!"  :)  If you're happy and you know it, solve a riddle!

I have a lot of riddles in my TpT store. You can see them all here. But today I want to share with you a free set of riddles that you won't find there.

One of my most popular resources is a set of math riddles. It includes a riddle for every number from one to 100, making this set very useful for calendar activities like counting the days of school. It's also fun for the 100th Day!

So, your freebie for this Sample Sunday is ... just to give you a little taste of the big set ... this brand-new sample set of a dozen riddles! 

Here's a close-up of one of the twelve riddle cards in this set. You can see how the possibilities narrow with each clue that's given, and how these riddles will really keep your little learners thinking as they consider and discard possible answers right down to the very last clue.

I hope you'll enjoy using them! 

Thanks for stopping by iTeachFirst ... Happy Teaching!

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