Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Building Thanksgiving Sentences at the Pocket Chart

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Do you have a pocket chart center in your classroom? There are so many reasons to love pocket charts!!

When they use a pocket chart, your kiddos are up out of their seats and manipulating words instead of in their seats writing. This makes the focus on creating longer and more interesting sentences much easier, especially for those who are still struggling with handwriting skills. Much less frustration!

Pocket charts are also very forgiving - no need for an eraser, just a quick rearrangement!

Pocket charts are BIG ... and we all know how much little kids like things that are big! But because they're a vertical surface, you can do BIG without taking up ridiculous amounts of floor space or creating tripping hazards! If you hang your pocket charts back-to-back, that's double the value in the same amount of space.

Whether working independently or with a partner...

 ... a pocket chart is a "good thing"!

You can find more ideas for using pocket charts in my post at Primary Inspiration.

So, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, would you like to try a FREE pocket chart activity? "Turkey Talk" is a set of 19 word cards and three punctuation cards that your little guys can use for building sentences about Thanksgiving. The first words in sentences are green (start!) and the ending punctuation cards are red (stop!). Your students will love creating their own sentences, and for those who need a bit more support, there are models of 13 sentences to build with the cards. There's also a response sheet for students to record and illustrate one of the sentences. And just for fun, there are 3 easy-to-make turkey pointers to encourage one-to-one match as the students read and check the sentences they build.

Click on the pic to download "Making Sentences: Turkey Talk" free from my TPT store.


Want more? Click here to see 12 more sets at my TPT store ... including two more free sets! And if you really love  pocket chart sentence building, be sure to check out this bundle of eleven sets.

Enjoy "Turkey Talk", and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy Teaching!

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