Friday, October 16, 2015

Dig Into Data!

Dig into data with your class and discover the wide range of learning experiences you can provide for your class.  No matter what age, there is a great deal to learn in collecting and organizing data.

Clipboards are helpful for these activities BUT if that is not an option try their dry erase boards.

First, teach your class to use the term data and explain to them why we collect data.
Brainstorm...what occupations do you know that might collect data? 
For sports enthusiasts ... coaches and their teams
For cooking enthusiast...chefs and their restaurants

Second, set the rules.  Demonstrate a whisper voice that should be used while gathering their data.  

Third, as the children are collecting data remind them of time limits.  When there is about 5 minutes left assess who may need support to gather the rest of their data.  those that finish early can decorate the the graph.

Data collection can teach cooperation and communication.  Notice how this activities has the kiddos interacting with one another, filling in the data, and drawing conclusions.  

Data collection can help students to compare and contrast.  They also will read carefully for more, less, together, fewest, most.  I have them highlight these words.

Data Collection can encourage writing.  Notice on this one tallies are used, graphing is done, students are then asked to write about a topic related to their data collection.

You can put data collection out for an independent activity.  While collecting data students are also practicing shapes.

And why not a yummy treat to ASSESS how well the kiddos are mastering the skill of "collecting and recording data"?

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