Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pirate Day Activities ... Plus a Treasure Chest of Freebies!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

With Talk Like a Pirate Day just around the corner {Saturday the 19th ... school celebration day on a Friday, which is nearly as perfect as Halloween falling on a Saturday this year!!}, it's time to share some pirate resources and activities!

I'm going kind of overboard (so to speak!) for pirates this year, but it's hard to argue with how immensely motivating they are for our little learners. I've been blogging about them all over the place, as well as creating lots of new resources using them, including freebies, which I'd LOVE to share with you!

* You'll notice that most of these resources feature the adorable clipart from the Pirates set, from KPM Doodles. Are those the cutest pirates or what? :)

Let's start off with some brand new pirate math making it's debut here at iTeach First, just for you and your firsties! 

Use these versatile set of 36 cards (printed nine to a page) for sequencing and comparing two-digit numbers. The cards are great for greating a loooong train of numbers on your classroom floor, which we all know is great learning fun for our kiddos! For variety and to help your students with the tricky skill of counting back from 100, occasionally try having them locate the greatest number in the set and work their way back down to the lowest.  For sorting at the pocket chart, two sets of headers are also included: odd/even and more than 50/less than 50. Click here to download this free set!

Do you follow Teaching Blog Roundup?  If so, you may have seen a few more of my Pirates' Day freebies there last week! If not, head on over to check out two terrific read-alouds for Pirates' Day, plus two more math freebies!

What can you do with number cards? Here are ideas for four games, with What?? Of course! pirate number cards to use with them. You can get them at my Primary Inspiration blog.

Every little matey likes a game of "I Have..., Who Has..."!  Although it may not be a math topic you've come to yet this year, you'll want to download this one to save for when you're teaching adding and subtracting multiples of ten. They do love to say those pirate words, don't they?  :)

Are you looking for ways to challenge your little math stars who are always finished first? Download the preview of  Pirate's Secret Treasure Numbers to get four elimination riddle cards like this one free!

Still need more? Then take a look at this great deal on a pack of three Pirate Math Resources, on sale from now through Talk Like a Pirate Day at my Educents store. You'll get all three math resources for $5.99. And that's a deal, matey!

Thanks for stopping by the iTeach First blog today! Please visit me and follow at my own blog, Primary Inspiration, where - pssst!- there's quite likely to be another pirate freebie between now and The Big Day!

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas. We have to have our day on Thursday (PD day on Friday) so this will be a huge help in getting me prepped and ready in time!

  2. So glad to be of help! Enjoy your short week!