Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apple Print Shirts...DIY

Perfect for apple season and fun too!  We painted shirts but you could do just about anything:)
Take a sweatshirt or t-shirt.  No need for it to be new BUT it must not have print and be clean.  Any color will work.
Next you will need fabric paint and apples.  I use yellow, green, and red colors for the apples because on the darker shirt the red does not show up as well.  You will need a little brown for the stem and seeds.  The leaf is made with a little piece of sponge.
Cut your apple in half...top to bottom.  Stick a craft stick or fork in it to pick the apple up and print.
The harder apples work best.  We used a Delicious apple.
Keep wipes and paper towel close by because the paint does get on your hands.  You do not want messy fingertips to get on the shirt.

I think they turned out adorable!!


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