Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer School Learning ~ Fun, Freebies, and a Giveaway!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

If you're teaching summer school this year ... or tutoring this summer... or trying to make it to the finish line a.k.a. the last day of school {yes, I know, some of my dearest friends still have a week and a half to go!}... then read on! I've gathered together some summer-themed freebies that I know you'll have fun using with your firsties! Plus, there's a chance to win a GREAT BIG SUMMER BUNDLE!

Teaching kiddos who'd much rather be doing just about anything else than being in school demands finding resources with a different twist. You'll definitely want to move the show outdoors as often as possible. Take a look at this collection of ideas on Teaching Blog Roundup.

When it comes to reading, keep the comprehension work fun with lots of read alouds and discussion. Here's a list of some great summer alternatives for books to read to your class. As Teacher Tam says in this post, these are not my typical go-to's either, but just like those easy-on-the-brain beach books that we've all been known to pick up in the summer, there's nothing wrong with the occasional Junie B for our kiddos. They just might become the books of choice for your students' independent reading, once you've given them a taste of the fun. Speaking of independent reading, here's a great set of summer reading log freebies, also from Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures!

Have you ever taken your class outside to read? Packing up the beach towels and books and heading outside for independent reading could be a highlight of the day for some of your little summer school learners! This post has some ideas, as well as a letter to send home explaining it to families.

I love data collection, and it can be a fun and easy addition to your summer school math plans!! In addition to addressing the data and measurement standards, data collection builds math skills like comparing numbers, addition, and subtraction. But tallying and graphing also have the benefit of...

* Strengthening connections between your students as they discover preferences, experiences, etc. that they share

* Getting them up and moving. Have you ever had your students build a human graph? Write the title on your interactive board, write the category headings on 12X18 sheets of paper ( It's great brain work for your students to decide the categories! Have partners work on these, or create them together using shared writing! ), and have your students sit themselves on the floor in columns and rows to represent the data in cells.

* Being the starting point of some wonderful writing activities! Have each child put their own opinion on the topic of the graph into writing, and then defend their opinion. Model using graphing data as the basis for word problems, and then send them off to write their own word problems.

Here's a free summer data collection freebie to get you started!

And here's another graphing freebie that's sure to be a hit  (mmmm, smores!) , from
Kelli Bollman on TpT.

Need MORE? Well, here's your chance to win a big bundle of summer-themed math and literacy for first-into-second grade! I just posted it at my TpT store this week, and would love the chance to give away three copies of Summer School Stash!  Scroll down for your chance to win!

Happy Teaching!

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