Sunday, June 28, 2015

Number Elimination Riddles Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Do you like solving riddles? Give this one a try!

I love solving and creating number elimination riddles! They're a great teaching tool for so many reasons!

* They're a great way to review math concepts. Look at the example above ... you'll see comparing numbers, comparison signs, subtraction, counting coins, and odd/even, all in one riddle. Ah, I do love to hit multiple objectives all in one swing of the bat! 

* Use them to teach your students how to draw conclusions by eliminating the choices that aren't possible. Modeling how to solve an elimination riddle brings lots of opportunities for higher order thinking skills. Try a turn-and-talk with your students, and eavesdrop to get a good snapshot of their understanding of both the solving process and the math concepts.  

* Riddles are so much fun that they'll keep your students happily engaged. I'll bet you stuck with it and solved all the clues on the riddle above, right? ;)

How can you use math riddles with your class?

* Solve one a day at calendar time with the whole class.

* Use them as a warm-up before a math lesson.

* Use them as task cards in a math center.

* Set them up around your classroom for a Read the Room activity.

* Use them as challenge work for early finishers.

* When your students get really good at solving riddles and can handle the pressure of finding the solution quickly, use riddle cards for a game of Scoot.

* They're a great sponge activity for those few extra moments {that you so seldom have, I know... :) }

Would you like to try some free number elimination riddles with your class? I've put together a sample pack with riddles from six different sets from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Let's take a closer look at a few number elimination riddle cards. This one is from "Buzzing Around One Hundred".  The clues focus on the numbers surrounding 100, making it a fun choice for 100th Day math.

Here's another, a bit more challenging. It's from The Lovebug's Secret Numbers.

Would you like to try some free number elimination riddles with your class? I've put together a sample pack for you that includes 17 riddle cards drawn from six different sets in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here or on the cover to download your free set!

Math skills used in solving the riddles in this free set include addition, subtraction, place value, coins, comparison signs, adding and subtracting ten and multiples of ten, odd/even, and measurement. It's very cool to watch your students' reasoning ability grow with repeated use of this kind of riddle.

If your students (or you!) fall in love with solving number riddles, you'll find links to the complete sets in the download, or you can see them in the "Riddles" category at my store.  Each of the complete sets includes an answer key and a student recording page.

I hope you and your student will enjoy using these number elimination riddles. I'd love to hear your ideas for using them!

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thanks for your kind comment, Sarah! I have several more sets like these on the way, including a new freebie coming up soon in my TpT store. Enjoy!