Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wild About Mom!

Every year our first grade does a Mother's Day event.  All of us do a little something different.  In the past I did a Butterfly Ball and the entire event was about butterflies.  Last year I tried something new.  My classroom is all jungle themed.  I was teaching my "Jungle Mammals" unit and the idea came to me.  We did a Wild About Mom" event.  It turned out great so I am doing it again this year.  For the event I made a product.  I wrote a play for the children to perform for their mothers.  The play has 10 parts so I partner the students up, some have 3 partners.  Each part describes a jungle animal with a fact and then relates the fact to their mother.  For example, one speaking part talks about how a giraffe has a huge heart to pump blood through their tall body.  That is related to a mother who also has a huge heart too.  Also included are songs that we sing and some crafts that we complete.  Even if you don't have a jungle themed room, we are all "Wild About our Moms"!  
The moms come for the last 1/2 hour of the day.  We share our goodies that we made, perform our play and have a few treats.  Here a few pictures from last years event.

 Here is a picture of some goodies we make for mom.  This was last years picture.  This year I added cupcake holders for the flowers and we used different color flowers for our vases.  During Earth Day week we collect water bottles to "reuse" them for this project.  We use glue mixed with water and tissue paper to change the bottle into something colorful.  Below are my pictures from this year.

The coupon book and writing are easy projects to complete anytime.  Below you can see I lined my tables up so the parents could see better.  We put all of the goodies in a bag for them too. 

 Of course we have to make our room look nice.  The week prior to this unit we do my jungle mammals unit.  As we make our crafts I collect them and then put them all up over the room at the end. 

This was on our door!
 It's easy to find jungle print items at the store.  These cupcake holders were from Michaels.  I make little cupcake topper to stick in the treats for the kids.

 I hope you enjoyed a little show and tell about our Mother's Day event.  I know the mothers look forward to coming to school year after year, regardless of what you do!

Thanks for checking out Show and Tell Saturday!
Megan Mitchell

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