Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bossy R Sample from the Candy Class

Hi everyone! This is Jolene from the Candy Class. Since this is my first time posting on this new, wonderful collaborative blog, I would like to introduce myself and share some of my work with you. 
I live in sunny Florida with my husband and son. My son will be in third grade this year, sigh. He is growing up too fast! He is a very enthusiastic learner and funny. I love spending every spare moment with him. My husband is my BFF. He is a complete gentleman and a great father. We are complete opposites, but we both love Jesus and spending time together as a family. 

This is my family in India. They are orphans that my sister-in-law, Jemima, raises as her own. The children call me Auntie, and we have been blessed to be able to support them for over eight years now. 

Some random facts about me: I love anything that has to do with the beach and swimming. My home might be overdosed in turquoise and aqua. I love to travel whenever we get the chance. Usually, those travels are within the state I live in, but I can't complain about the options ;). Hopefully, one day I can travel to exotic beaches in the Caribbean, travel over oceans, visit the orphanage in India, swim in the Dead Sea, and trot around the world.  Before going to school to be a teacher, I debated between a degree in elementary education and art. I chose teaching, and I am glad I did. However, I always had this longing to learn graphic design for years. Several years ago, I got my feet wet with Photoshop in a photography class that I took as an elective while working on my master's degree for elementary education. I've been learning ever since, and graphic design is now a hobby of mine.

Sample Time: I am a firm believer that education should be hands-on, fun, interesting, and thought provoking. When I am creating resources, I try to keep a balance that holds true to my philosophies. I also believe it is perfectly fine to incorporate no prep printables in the mix. I think the key component is to make sure to include printables with more than just identification tasks. Although, students still need that foundation with identification to move up to higher critical thinking skills, it should lead to application and ultimately creating. 

One thing I like about these Bossy R No Prep Printables is the fact they build on phonics skills and the full resource leads from identification tasks to application to creation. My sample gives a bit of a taste of the full Bossy R No Prep resource. You can find the free sample here or click on the image above to grab it. I hope you enjoy this Bossy R No Prep sampler :). 

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! 

Jolene from The Candy Class


  1. Jolene this is fabulous! I would LOVE to dabble in graphic arts...I dunno...a little outside of my "comfort zone". Who knows??!! :) Great post! wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  2. Thanks Wendy! Photoshop definitely was very mind boggling to me at first, lol! I think I was the slowest one in the class I took because everyone else was majoring in some sort of art degree with graphic design classes under their belt, and there I was in a master degree level class with Photoshop in front of me for the first time. It was a bit intimidating, lol! I survived, and little by little, things started to click.
    Jolene :)