Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fun Sight Word Font Discrimination Activity Pack!

Hello everyone! I'm Yara from the Sea of Knowledge. I'm so excited to be a part of this new group of amazing teachers! 

I run the Sea of Knowledge on TPT and I work with a range of students from K-2. I specialize in ESL endorsement at all levels and most of my resources cater for this group. :)

  Anyway, I am constantly amazed at TPT and how it has saved me when I am looking for something specific - it never fails. Even though, not so good for my wallet! =P 

Anyway, I'd love to share a sample freebie from my most recent activity pack which I use with my ESL students. I made this mainly to focus on sight word reading and identification. My ESL students sometimes feel overwhelmed when I give them a text to read *too many words on one page* really makes them just shut down! So I needed to tackle this by boosting their confidence and combine independance with reading basic sight words as well as avoid the 'coaching word for word' which students seem to dislike. 

This is a fun activity pack that my students just loved, the best part is that they got to take these home and get some more practice - best of all there is absolutely no hurry to get them all done! Each student works at their own pace. 

Click on the pictures to grab the sample:

Click here to check out the full pre-primer activity pack HERE, and the primer activity pack HERE.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your students really enjoy this activity. :)

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