Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh Teacher...I NEED A BREAK!

I look out out at my classroom at times and think...YIKES... we need a break. In actuality ALL of us need a little break now and then.  The best way to take a break in a confined environment is through movement and breathing.  It is healthy for the brain as well as healthy for our body.  Thus the label...BRAIN BREAK.  I relate to how the students are feeling.  It reminds me of myself sitting at a conference or a meeting and after an hour or so feeling...edgy inside my skin...I NEED A BREAK.  Our kiddos are the same way so here are some ideas I use in my classroom to provide a BRAIN BREAK.

First is my roll and do... LET"S MOVE!
Depending on the how much time you have you can roll one, two, or more.  All are designed to get kiddos moving in a small space.

Next you have two choices roll the die or just pick a few.
Again all are designed to be done in a small place. While we want kiddos moving we don't want anyone getting injured. So if 20 toe touches it too much to start...move to 10.  Think about you and what you could do to start.  (Oh no,  I may have to start at five!)
Many of the exercises can even be done right in the kiddos
My favorite is Simon Says...
It is a rhyme and can be done at any time.
We always end with some deep breathing.
Deep breath in through the nose.
Blow out through the mouth SLOWLY.
After 2 times the "electricity" in the room is calmed.

Here is another way to get some curriculum in while getting the wiggles out!!

Or singing the alphabet while in our chair and kicking our feet out from the knee. This really helps for kiddos to get a mental vision of the alphabet and encourages speed in doing ABC order.  Like building number sense this builds letter sense.  What comes before Dd?  What comes after Mm?  Can they mentally figure that out?

Let me see you...all done in one place.  (For some that in itself takes effort:) 

I sincerely feel a classroom the moves together learns together.
So if you like these ideas and would like a copy download them here.

How about sharing some of your great ideas in the comment section below!!??
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Today I am cheering for movement!



  1. Love these ideas. Thanks, Michele.

  2. Michele..this is wonderful! I LOVE the idea of kiddos being able to "get their wiggles out" at their seats! Thanks for the packet! :) wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  3. That was so fun to see your students in action. Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!