Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Guided Reading Table {First Grade Centers and more}

Hi!  This is Jaymie from First Grade Centers and more.   
Today I am going to show you around my guided reading table and how I keep myself organized.
I love having a full-size easel at my guided reading table.  I have tried table-top size easels and find them difficult to use.  I keep magnetic letters handy to build words on the easel.  I also keep magnetic clips at the top so I can clip posters, graphic organizers, etc.  If you look to the right side of the picture, you can see a little of  my whole-group teaching area.  I can easily rotate my easel to face that section of my classroom, so my easel can do double-duty.
I keep this cart behind my table with all of my needed materials.  I have one drawer for each group to keep their books for the week in.  I also have a drawer for dry-erase supplies, word work materials, high frequency words, comprehension charts, and an intervention drawer.  

Here is a little peak inside my dry-erase drawer.  I love my sound box sheets that I keep inside a reusable sleeve.  We use them A LOT!
 Inside my Word Work drawer I keep some ready to use forms for writing sorts and a clipboard with word lists.  I love the lists at the back of the book The Next Step in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson.  This makes my planning for word work activities SO easy!  I just have to plan my phonics skill for the week and I am ready to go for the week.
Here is the top of the cart.  I have a small container for MY supplies: dry erase markers, pens, post-it notes, scissors, eraser, etc.  My guided reading binder with all of my plans and running record forms is right at my fingertips.  The blue basket is my "catch-all" basket.  It has charts, games, sight word cards, books that need put away, and any loose ends. 
I love this tray I found at Target.  It is designed for silverware, but works great for student supplies.  It has room for dry-erase markers, erasers (love these mini-erasers from the Dollar Spot at Target), pencils, and word cards.  

I also keep a set of magnetic letters at my table.  I love this set from Lakeshore.  It has lots of letters in it.  It also has little boxes for each letter, making the letters easy to find.  
We do a lot of writing about the guided reading stories we read.  I keep a container with each groups writing notebooks on a bookshelf close to my table.  This way I can quickly grab the materials for that group.  Usually, we start the writing together, and then I send students to their desks to complete the writing.  When they finish, they place their notebooks back in the correct container.

Thanks for checking out my guided reading table!


  1. What great ideas! I wish I was as organized as you! :)

  2. Thanks for the photo tour, and for sharing your great organizational ideas, Jaymie!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration

  3. Thanks for the photo tour, and for sharing your great organizational ideas, Jaymie!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration