Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Themed Project! 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray!

Spring Themed Project
Here in the northern parts of the USA we are waking up from a LONG winter's nap so the thought of sunshine, warm weather, and life are exciting.  Here are a two projects that will brighten up your room and highlight your student's work no matter where you live .

I like doing projects that spotlight kiddos work.  This type project encourages students to apply "best effort" and in my opinion lets them know you appreciate their work and efforts.
In the packet below you will find all the patterns to complete the project.  Pieces can be simply run on the colored paper described and then the kiddos can cut and assemble the pictures.  To make it a little easier kiddos can draw the orange stripes on the chicks legs and the whiskers can be drawn on the bunny.

As for the writing here are some graphic organizers that will help kiddos collect their thoughts before writing their final copy.  I tried to differentiate between early writers and those ready for more detail.  These also will be available in the packet found below.  
I am sharing the Spring ones here BUT there are ones available for writing about a chick or bunny theme too!  The graphic organizer above is simple and students just have to add their ideas.

The page above is a bit more complex but I love how it encourages a perfect paragraph that includes DETAIL.  Let's support our opening sentence.

Here you will find a page for the  "final copy".
Encourage best penmanship and add the craft.
Below is the link to download the craft and the packet.

I also included some colorful vocab cards for posting.
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I hope you'll stop by and learn more about me!  I always find something to "cheer" about.
Today I am cheering for my MSU Spartans...onto the sweet sixteen.  
As you get to know me you'll see...I am an avid MSU Spartan fan, past cheerleader for the Spartans, married to an amazing husband of 37 years who is also a Spartan and was a varsity swimmer, raised three sons who are now independent, successful young men, have a black 100 pound lab who we adore, waiting for our new chocolate lab who we pick up on April 10th, a crazy tennis fanatic, and retiring after 38 years of teaching not because I want to but because of the retirement benefits....I will be back though and involved in education somehow, someway in the future as I am truly young at heart and still passionate about the field of education.  Can't wait to share with all of you!!


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  1. You have so many cute ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us on the blog :)